Wayne Dalton Model 6600

Model 2415

The Wayne-Dalton 2415 steel sectional doors feature heavy-duty 16-gauge vertical interior end stiles and 20-gauge center stiles for increased strength. The C-shaped stiles, secured with No. 8 screws and adhesive, have prelocated, extruded holes for quick, secure mounting of hinges. The 2415 offers a ribbed exterior skin that also helps to increase strength while enhancing the buildings visual appearance. End stiles wrap around the exterior of each section to protect the section face from wear caused by the door jambs.


The Model 2415 utilizes true 24-gauge ribbed steel sections with 16-gauge vertical end stiles and 20-gauge center stiles attached to the interior. The exterior ribbing consists of two deep and two shallow ribs in each section. The bottom section features a vinyl bulb-shaped astragal, held by a roll-formed, hot-dipped galvanized steel retainer.

Additional options include top head seal, joint seals and jamb seals. Optional insulation, consisting of 1 9/16″ expanded polystyrene or urethane and covered with .015″ minimum embossed pre-painted white steel provides an R-value of up to 7.64 and a U-value as low as 0.13. Lite options include insulated or non-insulated factory-installed vision lites or complete aluminum full-view sections for maximum visibility. Operators can also be specified for use with the Wayne-Dalton 2415.

Brown Smooth Finish

White Smooth Finish