Wayne Dalton Model 6600

Model TS125

Wayne-Dalton’s Thermospan® 125 doors feature continuous foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation and standard joint seal that provide an R-value of 10.79. At this price point, the construction provides a substantially higher thermal efficiency than industry standard polystyrene doors.

The Wayne-Dalton Thermospan Series doors are the only doors in the industry with patented, roll-formed integral struts on each section, making them the most rigid doors available.

Ideal for applications where energy efficiency is important, and competitive cost is essential, Wayne-Dalton’s Thermospan 125 sectional door features a foamed-in-place polyurethane core firmly bonded to hot-dipped galvanized inner and outer skins.Integral roll-formed struts per section add rigidity and strength, making the Thermospan 125 suitable for commercial and industrial applications. The patented Thermospan design demonstrates that overhead doors need not be the weak link in an energy-efficient building.


Thermospan 125 doors feature pre-painted inner and outer skins made from hot-dipped galvanized steel for added corrosion protection.The exterior suface is pebbled and grooved, enhancing the appearance while providing improved strength, and each section is reinforced with two 1 3/4″ integral roll-formed struts for even greater rigidity. Hot-dipped 18-gauge galvanized end caps offer a superior surface for hinge attachment. Our standard joint seal prevents air infiltration and in conjunction with the solid polyurethane core, offers enhanced energy efficiency.

White Embossed Stucco Finish