Canyon Ridge Ultra-Grain

Canyon Ridge Ultra-Grain

An attractive and economical alternative to the Limited Edition Series, this door features a 2″ Intellicore® polyurethane steel base with Ultra-Grain®, a durable, natural-looking, woodgrain paint finish. Stained Clear Cypress composite overlays are applied to the steel door surface to create beautiful carriage house designs.

Design 11

Design 12

Design 13

Design 21

Design 22

Design 23

Design 31

Design 32

Design 33

Design 34

Design 35

Design 36

Design 37

Design 38

Medium Finish

Walnut Finish

Solid Top Panel Options

Top 11

Top 12

Top 13

Arch 1

Window Designs

Rec 11

Rec 13

Rec 14

Sq 23

Arch 4

Sq 24

Arch 1

Arch 3


Diamond Clavos

Round Clavos

Spade Lift Handles (Standard)

Spear Lift  Handles

Colonial Lift Handles

Fleur De Lis Handles

Decorative Lift Handles

Olde Door Pull Handles

Gate Latch Handles

Ring Knockers with Plate

Lion’s Head Door Knockers

Ring Door Knockers

Escutcheon Plate(s)

Twisted “L” Handles

Sliding Bolt


Tuscan Strap Hinge

Colonial Strap Hinge

Spear Strap Hinge

Spade Strap Hinge

Fleur De Lis Strap Hinge

Mediterranean Strap Hinge


Spear Step Plate

Spade Step Plate (Standard)

Colonial Step Plate

Fleur De Lis Step Plate