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We are conveniently located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa providing garage door repair and service to the greater Cedar Rapids area, Iowa City and much of the state of Iowa.

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NFPA 80 and Model Codes require the inspection and testing of fire doors to demonstrate proper operation, full closure and proper reset.

  1. Visual Inspection – Tech will conduct a visual inspection for anything that may cause a hazard or affect proper operation or resetting.
  2. Operational Check – Tech will test normal open and close function of the door and correct any door imbalance, replace or damaged parts that may create a hazard or cause the door to function improperly.
  3. Drop Test – The door will be drop tested to confirm that the fire door will close automatically during a fire emergency. The average closing speed must be between 6″ and 24″ per second.
  4. Reset the Door – The door will be reset per the manufacturer’s instructions, drop tested for a second time and reset again.
  5. Drop Test Form – The proper forms and paperwork will be filled out for the customer’s file and a verification letter sent if required.


  1. Regular scheduled per customer’s convenience as they need it.
  2. Chart and survey – Chart all doors on a drawing of the building floor plan. Number for easy reference. Survey all doors in reference to brand name, model, spring type and size, track size and type, drum size, cable size and length.
  3. Maintenance and inspection – Inspect all safety equipment, treadle hoses, related equipment and controls, rollers, bearings, cables, chains and shafts, track hardware, operator clutch, limit switches, brakes. Adjust all springs, tracks, operator brakes and limit assemblies. Tighten  all hardware, hinges, couplings, drums, and operator sprockets


  • Knowledgeable, professional technicians
  • OSHA Certified
  • On-going Industry Training